The Gaussian Maintenance Program

Gaussian, Inc. is pleased to offer a Maintenance Program that gives customers the following benefits:

  • Priority telephone and/or email technical support for two designated users.
  • Option to provide access to the Gaussian/TCP-Linda/GaussView binaries to parties other than those affiliated with the licensed site (e.g., access provided to third parties by a supercomputer center).
  • All minor releases to the current product version (shipped automatically).
  • Future major releases of software with no further licensing required (shipped automatically).
  • Optional participation in major product release beta testing periods.

Annual Maintenance Fees

These prices apply everywhere except China/Hong Kong and India (customers there should contact us or a sales agent for a quote).

Gaussian Annual Maintenance: $12,000 U.S.
GaussView Annual Maintenance: $3,000 U.S. per platform
TCP Linda Annual Maintenance: $2,500 U.S. per platform
GMMX Annual Maintenance: $2,500 U.S. per platform

The $12,000 annual price covers maintenance for all versions of Gaussian for which a site license is in place. If a maintenance customer wants to add an additional product to maintenance later, they must purchase the appropriate site license. Once this is done, that product/version will be included in their maintenance coverage.

Maintenance Terms and Conditions

In order to subscribe to Gaussian’s Maintenance Program, you must have a current license for the desired product (academic or commercial as appropriate for your organization type). Maintenance requires an additional license.

Gaussian offers a discounted price to organizations with multiple sites. The annual maintenance fee is discounted 50% for each additional site. This discount is offered only to additional sites which are part of the same legal entity.

Maintenance fees are payable on an annual basis only.

For More Information

Please feel free to contact us with questions or to request a quote and/or license agreement for maintenance.

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Last updated on: 20 February 2017