TCP Linda 9

TCP Linda is a parallel execution environment which has been used to create a parallel version of Gaussian for local area network and some distributed memory multiprocessor environments.

An upgrade to TCP Linda 9 is required for running with Gaussian 16 for all supported platforms.

You must have a site license for the corresponding version of Gaussian 16 (or G16W or G16M) in order to purchase TCP-Linda for that platform.

Supported workstations for TCP Linda parallel execution (see the Gaussian 16 platform requirements for details on the supported operating system versions):

  • IA32-based computers running Linux
  • IA64-based computers running Linux
  • x86_64-based systems running Mac OS X
  • x86_64-based systems running Linux
  • IBM Power 5, 6, 7, 8 systems running AIX
  • IBM Power 7 systems running Linux
  • IBM Power 8 Little-endian systems running Linux
  • IBM Power 8 Big-endian systems running Linux
  • TCP Linda 9 is not available for Windows-based systems

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Last update: 17 June 2017.