Gaussian 16W Reference

This work serves as a reference for Gaussian 16W. It documents the user interface for this version. It assumes knowledge of basic Windows concepts, techniques and dialog boxes (e.g. file opening and saving). Consult your Windows documentation if you need assistance in these areas. This document is organized around the various windows (dialog boxes) that make up the Gaussian 16W interface, and their associated menus, buttons, and fields.

The following table lists some common tasks you might want to perform with Gaussian 16W, along with the page number where the discussion of the relevant features and/or techniques begins:


The Job Processing Window (main window)
The Job Edit Window
      Multi-Step Jobs
Running Multiple Jobs in Sequence: Batches
Setting Job Defaults with Default.Rou

Quick Task Finder

Entering new Gaussian 16W input
Modifying an existing input file
Running a job
Drag and drop execution
Changing the configuration of the job processing window
Examining job output with an editor
Pausing a job
Killing a running job
Setting up a multi-step job
Specifying which job step to start with
Reordering job steps
Killing a multi-step job
Running a series of jobs
Specifying which batch job to start with
Adding jobs to and deleting jobs from a batch
Reordering jobs within a batch
Ending a batch after the current job
Killing a running batch
Converting a file created with a graphics program
Setting default file locations
Selecting an external editor
Changing window fonts and colors
Disabling confirmation messages
Setting job execution options
Changing defaults after hardware upgrades

Last updated on: 14 August 2016. [G16 Rev. C.01]